Dog Parkour Sessions

We will be working on the behaviours required for the various levels of Parkour certification. The first thing you need for your dog is a non-tightening non-shoulder restrictive harness and a 3ft to 4ft lead. We do not allow retractable leads.

* Puppies of 2 months can start with Level 0 Puppy Parkour (Built Environment)

* Puppies of 4 months can start with Level 0 Puppy Parkour (Natural or Urban Environment)

* Dogs of 6 months can start with Foundation Level 1 (Built, Natural or Urban Environments)

* Parkour Behaviours for Foundation Level 1 are:-

· 2 feet on.

· 4 feet on.

· Under.

· Through.

· In.

- Free Choices.


-2 Obstacle Sequences.

Small Parkour.jpg
4 feet on pic.jpg

Online Foundation Level 1 - Full Course £45

Dog Parkour UK Certification upon successful Completion