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Agility Dogs

Fundamental foundations should be the first thing agility dogs learn before anything else,  to engage their mind and body.

We like to help our agility dogs be prepared mentally and physically

for the sport. We add in Concept skills such as thinking in arousal,

tollerance to frustration, independence and focus skills, 

along side body awareness skills. 

Training will happen at our outdoor training field that 

contains upto date agility equipment and our indoor venue

for body awareness sessions and concept skills sessions.

Group sessions are run for every level of dog from complete beginners just starting out in agility up to competitive level.

We will help you to progress through the layers of agility learning.

Dogs and handlers may need to purchase

a 121 evaluation session to be placed in the appropriate group if already agility trained.

Agility Sessions can be paid monthly or weekly 

1 hour Group Session

Indoor and Outdoor venues

Monthly Subscription £40

Weekly £10

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