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My Story

My name is Debbie Herron, I have been training dogs of my own for the last 36 years. My passion for training dogs started out in agility and heel work to music several years ago.  All my dogs have been trained through agility games, shaping games and play.

 I have always had an holistic approach when training dogs by looking at the world they live in, what food they eat and how they perceive their world.

 I believe it's important to constantly update my knowledge about dogs as studies to understand their brains are always evolving.

As a member of the Canine Health Concern I have enjoyed attending many educational seminars given by inspirational people such as Dr. Isla Fishburn and Holistic Vet Dr. Nick Thompson through a very active group here in Cornwall.

In 2018 I completed the Pro Dog Trainer programme with Absolute Dogs who have developed Game-Based Training Techniques.

In 2019 I achieved Dog Parkour UK instructor status and I am also an Accredited Evaluator with Dog Parkour UK.

I believe in developing a great partnership between you and your dog in every environment and situation you both find yourselves in. If you want to get the most out of your relationship with your dog whether it is puppy training, adult life skill re-training, Sports Dogs training or for some great fun with your companion dog, then please contact me today.

My Services

Better Life Skills for Adult dogs

Turn your struggles in to strengths

Our training recognises that a dog’s behaviour is driven by emotion, so the focus is to change the dog’s emotional response in real life situations. 

Who doesn’t want more off lead confidence with their dog? Being able to focus, to listen, hear and do when the world around is so exciting. Playing with your dog is a skill in its own right and can be learned with good practice. It’s the secret sauce that holds everything together. 

Many dogs struggle with body awareness, the games we include build strength, flexibility and proprioception.

Confidence and Optimism is the key for every dog. Creating this builds teamwork, trust and confidence in the real world.

Games based training will enhance your relationship.


You and your dog can learn all the above skills by playing less than 3 minute games. They can be played any time, anywhere and with any family member


Puppy Games Sessions

Prepare your puppy for life

Developing skills in your new puppy through games is the most enriching and empowering transition you will make. Games prepare your puppy for their future life, allowing them to approach each new and exciting situation with the right skills, minimising fallout, bad choices and bad experiences.
You will receive practical handouts to run along side the games. Membership to an online training room for students who attend our sessions where you can continue your training between classes and ask for help and showcase your successes.


Canine Parkour

From Puppy Level 0 up to Foundation Level 4

Come and discover why Canine Parkour is so much fun with your dog. This is a great activity that safely teaches your dog how to climb, jump, scramble and balance using man made or natural objects. Never again will your walk be just a walk, you will always find great items for your dog to interact with. Parkour keeps your dog fit, helps with their confidence and boosts your relationship. If you choose to there are opportunities to achieve awards with your dog through the Dog Parkour UK association. 
Dogs from as young as 2 months old can take part in Parkour as these behaviours naturally occur in their current life stage.

Foundation Games for Sports Dogs

Agility, Flyball, Parkour, Obedience, Hoopers

In these classes we look at the emotional characteristics of the sports dog. Strengthen any weaknesses we may find - Confidence, focus, thinking in arousal, optimisms, independence and much more. Strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, build trust and supercharge your partnership to build a great working team. Fitness for the dog plays a great part in sports dogs as with out fitness there is no performance. You will be shaping the dogs brain to prepare for your chosen sport. We do not teach the sport in these sessions.

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The Problem is your attitude about the Problem.

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