Puppy Games Sessions

Our puppy foundation life skills sessions teach positive behaviour right from the beginning.

Your puppy will learn through a series of little games, which prepare them for future life, allowing them to approach each new and exciting situation with the right skills.

We will guide you through 10 weeks of powerful games that the whole family can take part in. They will focus on:

*Playing together *Building a lasting bond between you and your puppy *Positive Interactions - so reducing rehearsal of reactive behaviours *How recall is so much more fun than anything! * Building a confident puppy, an optimistic puppy who feels happier around noisy, new or novel things and situations *Early focus and calmness *Learning self-control and coping with separation *Gentle early body awareness - helping to control his/her growing body and limbs

*Bonus session of Puppy Parkour which includes some great puppy confidence behaviours you can take out & about when on walks in the forest, on the beach, in the town and even in a vehicle!

10 Week Course



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