Dog Game Sessions

Now your cute puppy has grown, have they started to ignore your requests? Refusing to come back in from the garden? Failing to return back to you whilst out on a walk? Runs away when you want to put their lead back on? Lunging at other dogs? Jumping up at people?
Then these sessions could be of interest to you!

We show you how to turn around these situations and become the person your dog wants to spend time with and prefers you over everything in the environment. They become a dog who views other dogs, people and strange situations as something to be of less importance.

The things we will prioritise would be Optimism and Flexibility games, ditching the routine so they don't find triggers that cause over excitement, as well as games that show how to switch off and just relax. Calmer dogs make better choices. Games will boost your training skills, your confidence and grow the dog you always wanted.  

A 121 evaluation session will be required before joining a session so we can allocate you and your dog to an appropriate group.

1 hour

Group Session